dog behavior.jpgICHS Dog Behavior Helpline
Thanks to the generosity of local dog professionals, we are now able to offer free behavior & training advice for your canine companion! They can help you and your dog get past the little things that make life uncomfortable. While we can't promise to fix everything, we can help with tips and advice to get your dog over the rough spots & on the road to a more fulfilled life of good behavior.
 They have developed some informational handouts for people adopting dogs from us that you may find useful for your own situation: 

They have also offered their time.  If you need some assistance with your dog, please contact any of these talented trainers for help. Please remember that these are volunteers so be patient. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Pam Richardson:
    Joy Richardson:
    Sharon Shea:
    Arnette Small:

Here's to better behavior and more fun-filled time with your dog!!!

Special Thanks goes out to McConnell Publishing, who has donated books and is a great resource for improving your dog's behavior!  Dr. Patricia McConnell and her additional information can be found at:

We have also worked with these local (e-collar) trainers for different dogs training needs: