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The Iowa County Humane Society (ICHS) was formed in 1998 by a group of concerned citizens, we became an incorporated business in 2000 and 501c(3) non-profit, tax exempt organization in 2001.   In our years of service to the communities in Iowa County and surrounding areas. ICHS has found homes for nearly 10,000 animals. Each year, around 400 animals find their way through our doors.

ICHS was founded on the principle of maintaining a "no-kill" philosophy towards animal sheltering.  We are dedicated to making our communities more humane places for all animals by providing shelter and care to animals in need, helping our communities discover and nurture the human-animal bond through education, being a voice for those who have none through animal welfare advocacy and working towards a world where every animal has a loving home through progressive and innovative programs. We believe that all animals deserve a chance for a loving home for life.

In our efforts to find a loving forever home for all the adoptable animals who come to us.  ICHS incurs a number of the costs for medical treatment (including vaccinations, medication, surgeries, spay/neuters, etc.),  the costs for food, bedding, training, socialization and daily care for all animals at the shelter.  It is thanks to our donors that we exist.  If you would like to contribute to the cause, donate here.