ICHS Success Stories

GunnerGunner at homeGunner AdoptionGunner was one of our residents who was brought up from Texas. He was with us at the shelter for 517 days! Testing heartworm positive when he arrived made for a rough start to shelter life. He was not fond of other dogs or cats, which made placing him a little trickier.

As you can see from the pictures, Gunner is home where he belongs. Corey and Brayden are his best buddies! He LOVES spending time outside and has so much space to run and play! We couldn’t be happier for Gunner!


Marty with MomMartyMarty with Dad…sweet Marty. I will let the words of his new family speak for themselves… “He (Marty) is of no stress at all, rather he is stress relief. He is playing and being silly and loves the dust mop and watching people and birds out the front screen door. He is truly a God sent angel. Dan's dad has very little time left; we are all so happy he has been able to feel the love from Marty. Dan's mom will continue to need Marty's love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get Marty to them. He is the best! Marty was able to visit him a few times and snuggle on his bed with him while he was at Agrace Hospice Care. Joe loved him and so desperately wanted to come home to Marty. Marty continues to be a huge comfort and joy for Alice, and we are so very grateful for him. Thank you for rescuing Marty, caring so well for him, and letting us adopt him. He is an angel! We are so thankful for the work you do. You are saving so many souls - including human. Thank you for everything.”