ICHS Shelter Staff and Email Contacts
Executive Director: Shanna Gundlach, director@ichs.net
Shelter Outreach/Fundraising Manager:  outreach@ichs.net
Kennel Manager:  Hannah Guenther, kennelmanager@ichs.net
Office: office@ichs.net
Accountant: accountant@ichs.net
Employment: hr@ichs.net
Garage Sale: garagesale@ichs.net

ICHS Board of Directors you can email the board at board@ichs.net
President: Charlene Paglini 
Secretary: Lisa Schnedler
Treasurer: Lisa Cvengros
Director (Buildings & Grounds): Dennis Marklein
Director: Tracie Johnson
Director: Dawn Venden
Information about becoming a member of the ICHS Board of Directors can be found here.