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I.C.H.S. Newsletter - March 2010

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A Letter From The Editor...

As I write this, snowflakes are falling again…floating past the window to land on the snowdrift which has taken up residence on my deck.  Although the winter hasn’t been that bad (compared to what the eastern part of the country is having), it has been long.  It does help that the days are getting longer, but I am impatient for spring.  Spring is the time for new beginnings and taking on challenges – making a difference!  My focus in this column is the welfare of the animals of this county – especially those who reside at the Iowa County Humane Society – and there are challenges!  As I write this column, I admit that I sound like a ‘broken record’.   There are three concerns that top my list of challenges when I consider all of the good that ICHS does for the neglected, abused and homeless animals of Iowa County.  These issues are the need for money/donations so that the shelter can operate, finding homes for all of the animals – especially those that are not at the top of the ‘adoption list’ and how to get people to spay and neuter their pets.  As you read my letter it is important to remember that I am a volunteer and these are MY thoughts.

There is always the month to month (or is that day to day?) financial concerns that need to be addressed.  But now a new challenge looms on the horizon and that is the large “For Sale” sign which is in front of the building.  I was unable to attend February’s board meeting, and I am sure that the sale of the building/property was on the agenda.  But since I wasn’t there I don’t have any knowledge of what was said.  I do know that with all of the support that ICHS receives and all of the good that is done for the animals of this county, ICHS will meet this challenge.  In the meantime, the ‘day to day’ financial needs must be addressed.  There are upcoming fundraisers scheduled and your support is needed. 

In the last PawPrints newsletter, I suggested that we need to come up with a way for the dogs to have more attention, exercise and education.  The five minute walks (twice a day) are just not enough for these dogs.  There are several dogs at the shelter that have been there for a long time and will probably be there for a long time to come.  If homes can’t be found for them, can’t we at least find a group of committed people who would willingly work with an animal once a week to help socialize and exercise the animal?  My thoughts are that we could have a “club” in which people would sponsor one of the dogs.  Once a week, volunteers would meet at ICHS in the evening and ‘a fearless leader’ would help us with ‘our’ dogs (as I for one, don’t have a clue how to ‘work with’ a dog.)  This would include discipline and obedience training as well as socialization.  I am especially concerned about the dogs that live in “the back row” at ICHS.  These dogs are wonderful!  But because of things that these dogs have no control over -their breeding or their ‘past life’, these dogs tend to be ignored.  Joey, Penelope and Macy are so playful, friendly and full of energy.  Their issue?  They are Pit Bulls.  Rodney (A-Rod) the Rottweiler is the sweetest dog.  His issue – I have to admit, he does slobber a lot.  Dominic is a spaniel mix.  He is one of my favorites.  He does great on a leash!  His issue is that he is so happy to have attention that he gives “love nips” when you come to put the leash on him.  Bradley (B-rad) does have an issue.  He is aggressive towards other dogs.  But…could that be because of pent-up energy and frustration?  I have not spoken with any one at ICHS about moving forth with “the club” but I will do so, and hopefully I will have some specifics to report to you in the May newsletter. 

And lastly, the biggest challenge is getting people to spay and neuter their animals.  Governor Doyle proclaimed February 23rd as Wisconsin Spay Day.  Did you know:

I am going to end this paragraph just as I ended last month’s…How is this spaying/neutering challenge to be met?  I’m not sure.  Any ideas???

If you have any suggestions or ideas about the content of ICHS PAWPRINTS, please contact me, Terri Davis.  And, I need your animal success stories.  My address is:

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Upcoming Fundraising Events

A small, but enthusiastic group of volunteers met twice in the past couple of months to plan the 2010 fundraisers.  Many of the successful fundraisers we have had in the past are once again scheduled for this year, but we also have some new ideas so please be on the lookout for these.  We will be meeting again on March 10th to continue the discussion and planning of future events.  Please join us if you would like to be a part of the fundraising committee.  And, if you can’t make it to the meeting, please e-mail Cheri at ICHS and share your ideas with her.  Upcoming fundraisers include:Iowa County Humane Society Live Art Auction

Live Art Auction
The  10th Annual “Artists to the Rescue” live Art Auction is scheduled for Saturday, March 27th, 2010.  This fun event will be held at The Time Out Restaurant in downtown Dodgeville, WI.  Over 40 pieces of art donated by local artists will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  The auction features a wide variety of media including painting, etching, wood, metal, glass, fiber and more.  Something for everyone can be found at this event.  Appetizers will be served and a cash bar is available.  Admission is $10.  Items will be available for viewing at Spring Gate Mall in Dodgeville and Sirius Sunlight Glass Studio in Mineral Point as well as on the website prior to the event.

Iowa County Humane Society Bake SaleEaster Bake Sale 
The annual Easter Bake Sale is a traditional event dating back to the early beginnings of the ICHS.  The sale is at Spring Gate Mall in Dodgeville (in front of Radio Shack).   The sale begins at 8:00 a.m. and continues until 2:00 p.m. or until all the goodies are gone.  Supporters have been so generous the past few years in donating baked items to this event – such a wide variety of items!  This event has been getting bigger and bigger each year.  What an awesome way to get your baked Easter treats without having to do it yourself! 

Paws Fur A Cause
Paws Fur A Cause is a 5K Run/2Mile Walk which made its debut last year.  Two Dodgeville high school students, Heather and Rachel (cross country runners) decided to help out ICHS by doing something they love – which was running.  Although the weather was not pleasant last year, the turn-out was great and over $4,000 was raised.  This year’s event will be coordinated by two young men, Tyler and Logan (Dodgeville HS seniors), with the same desire to help out ICHS.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, April 10th.  Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. and the run starts at 9:00 a.m. with the walk beginning at 9:15 a.m.  And talk about timing!  This event is just a week after the bake sale and it will be a terrific way to get some exercise after consuming the Easter treats!

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Special Pets

We all know that all animals are ‘special’ but the animals featured in this section are indeed special.  These are ‘special needs’ animals.  The special person/family who adopts one of these animals knows that this may/may not be the long-term relationship which we hope for when we open our hearts and homes to a new family member.  These animals’ ‘forever homes’ with us may be just for a short time before they move on…But, nevertheless, these animals need a home and a loving family just as we all do.  Are you possibly the family that could provide a home for one of these animals?  If not, do you know of a family who could provide a loving home for these animals?  If so, please come out to ICHS and find out more about these animals from the ICHS staff.

LORENZOLorenzo is a senior Redbone Coonhound.  He has been at ICHS since mid-November and believe me, ICHS was the best thing that could have happened to this old sweetie.  He probably thought that he had died and went to heaven when he came here.  He was so thin when he arrived, that it hurt to look at him.  He has filled out a bit and he looks so much better.  Anyone who has had an older pet knows that it is always hard to watch our beloved animals slip away from us and there is so little that we can do.  So…Lorenzo needs a home.

JaxJax is a handsome, long-haired, grey kitty who tested positive for feline leukemia.  He is probably about two years old.  He is quite playful and loves all the attention that he can get.  Jax does not get along with other cats so he probably needs to be an ‘only’ cat, and he must be kept indoors.  I can’t go into the specifics of Jax’s condition, but it can’t be ignored that he will probably have a shorter lifespan than most cats.  He is in wonderful shape right now – lots of energy and a zest for life.  So…Jax needs a home.

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Crossing over that bridge…

Crossing OverIt is never easy to say “goodbye” to our friends and family, but please note that your adopted pet has touched many lives. When your pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge, feel free to let us know about your loved ones passing.


In Memory of Boyd
BoydBoyd, the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard hound, finally moved on to his “forever home”.  It wasn’t the home that we were hoping for, but it is the ‘ultimate’ home.  Boyd was euthanized on February 8 after it was apparent that his life on earth was coming to a close due to his heart condition.  For those of you who knew Boyd, he was the sweetest, most patient dog at the shelter.  His one problem, other than his heart condition, was that he loved to chase cats.  Many of us who knew Boyd would have adopted him, but we all have cats.  I would like to thank the family that did ‘adopt’ Boyd last summer – for a short time.  Although they knew about his obsession with cats, they tried to make it work, but it didn’t.  We scolded Boyd when he was returned, but he just went “woof”.  I think what I miss most about him is his deep, resonating bark.  Whenever you enter the kennel area, it gets very loud, but you could always make out Boyd’s greeting - loud and clear.  Good bye, Boyd!  I am sure you are on the trail of something at this very moment.  I am not sure how it works in ‘cat and dog  heaven’ – maybe dogs just aren’t as fast as cats there or maybe cats have angel wings!  Whatever you’re up to Boyd, we miss you! 

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Success Stories

Palmer is ‘the other brother’ which you may have read about before.  In the January newsletter we heard from Jay’s(Poindexter) family and in this edition we have an update on Palmer.  Sue states that Palmer has been a great fit for her family.  She says, “Palmer is working out WONDERFULLY.  I couldn’t have gotten a better dog!!!”  Sue is a runner and says, “Palmer has turned out to be the perfect running partner for me.  He never pulls and keeps such a nice even pace.  We are now (October 09) running about 4 miles a day 4 times a week.  Our route takes us to a dog park where Palmer can run free and meet other dogs.”  She says that Palmer has made great improvements with his fear issues through  exercise, medication and training.  In August, Sue, her niece and the dogs went out to Custer, S.D. for a week of hiking and fun.  She said they had a great time and Palmer can now claim he’s climbed the highest peak east of the Rockies when they went to Hamey’s Peak!  Sue also says, “It saddens me to think Palmer was at the shelter for so long (almost 3 years).  I just hope that others can see how the dogs that have been there for a long time can be great dogs and give them a chance by adopting them.”  Sue and Palmer are planning to run in the Paws Fur a Cause fundraiser on April 10th at ICHS.  Thank you, Sue, for sharing Palmer’s success story.

CheyenneCheyenne was one of the first dogs in the “Pet of the Month” series.  She is a medium-sized golden retriever that came to ICHS in 2007 and was adopted by Bridget, her husband and two children in early 2008.  Prior to coming to ICHS, Cheyenne roamed the streets of Ridgeway searching for food.  No one claimed her or knew where she had come from.  One family in town made it their mission to try to catch her.  They left food in their yard for three months - moving the food bowl closer and closer to their garage until they were finally able to trap her.  This family had intended to keep her as a pet, but she was aggressive toward their other dog.  That is how Cheyenne came to ICHS.  Bridget worked as a part-time kennel assistant at ICHS.  Cheyenne was extremely shy, yet aggressive, and only trusted the other two staff members who worked with her on a daily basis.   For the first three weeks Bridget was only able to talk to Cheyenne through the cyclone fencing.  Gradually Bridget came to know her and a bond was formed between them.  Bridget believes that at some point, Cheyenne adopted her.  The Ridgeway family continued to visit her.  Bridget brought Cheyenne home for a visit in February of 2008 (this becomes a story in itself because the family already had 3 dogs).  Cheyenne has become a part of the family although it has been ‘baby steps’.  She is devoted to the family and best of all she has learned to play.  Thank you, Bridget, for sharing Cheyenne’s success story.

I didn’t know Cheyenne other that doing the “Pet of the Month” article.  But when I stopped at the shelter last week to meet Bridget (to get this story and picture), I identified Cheyenne immediately as the pooch sitting in the driver’s seat of the car in the parking lot.  I was just amazed that a dog that was so abused could have come so far.  Again, thank you Bridget and family for adopting her.  Thank you to the Ridgeway family for caring enough to help.  Thank you ICHS for being there until Cheyenne found her forever home.  Also, Bridget has written Cheyenne’s story and is planning to send it to Dog Fancy magazine.  I will let you know when it is published so that you can read the story in its entirety.

KalaI tend to be a little bit superstitious so perhaps I shouldn’t make this announcement, but this is such exciting news!  Kala was adopted last week.  She had been at ICHS going on four years.  I had written three write-ups of her as “Pet of the Month”.  The only news that I have at this time is that it has been a week and she hasn’t been returned!  To the family who adopted Kayla – thank you so much for giving Kala a chance.  Hopefully we will have a success story to share sometime in the future.  


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