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I.C.H.S. Newsletter - January 2010

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A Letter From The Editor...

As the new year begins it is a time to reflect on the past and a time to look ahead. Many of us start the new year by making resolutions and setting goals so that we may live a healthier and happier life. Personal resolutions and goals aside, let’s move on to the challenges that face ICHS. Challenges that need to be met so that all of the abused, neglected and unwanted animals in Iowa County will have a safe, temporary home while awaiting their ‘forever’ home. As you read this, keep in mind that these are at the top of my personal challenge list as I look forward to a year of volunteering at ICHS. Keep in mind that these are not the only challenges that lie ahead, but 3 of many.

The first challenge is the ongoing one of garnering more support for ICHS. There is a constant need for donations, for fundraisers, for volunteers to help with fundraisers, for volunteers to socialize both the cats and dogs, for finding ‘forever’ homes for our animals and the need to get the word out to others about the good that ICHS does for the county’s unwanted and neglected animals. This is an ongoing challenge, and I guess you can probably say it is just “a way of life” when involved with ICHS.

Another challenge is socializing the large, energetic dogs that get overlooked. There are at least a dozen of these dogs that need SOMEONE – not necessarily someone willing to provide a home for these animals but someone who has the time, patience and willingness to work with and provide these animals with some quality time. My hope is if these animals know ‘how to behave’ they will behave when people come to look for a dog. I would like to see a program in which volunteers would sponsor an animal (not monetarily) but by giving of a few hours of time each week. This could be somewhat similar to the 4-H dog program but instead of pairing kids with dogs, adults would work with a dog on a long-term basis. We would need a “leader” to teach and oversee people (such as myself) to handle the dogs. Instead of the dogs living with the sponsor, the sponsor would come to the shelter as often as possible to work with the dog. This seems like such a ‘doable’ strategy to socialize these dogs, which in turn, could eventually find them homes.

The BIG challenge is one that I don’t even know how to begin to tackle, but it is possibly the most important challenge of all. Encouraging people to spay and neuter their pets. Until we can reduce the population of unwanted cats and dogs, there will be no end in sight to the number of cats and dogs coming through the ICHS doors and no end to the challenges that await us. How is this challenge met? I’m not sure. Any ideas???

If you have any suggestions or ideas about the content of ICHS PAW PRINTS, please contact me, Terri Davis. And, I need your animal success stories. My address is:

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Upcoming Fundraising Events

ICHS Volunteer Fair

I have been a part of some of the fundraisers – sometimes helping with the event to ensure its success and sometimes my role has been opening my wallet which is also a way to ensure an event’s success. Year around, the ICHS is always sponsoring some type of fundraiser – from aluminum can drives to bake sales to art auctions. It makes me wonder, “Do people become immune to ICHS’s many needs?” because it must seem that we have a constant flow of cash streaming in since there always seems to be some sort of ICHS fundraiser going on. Well…we (volunteers and staff) are very proud of all that we do to help the animals, but we are constantly looking for more volunteers and ideas to continue to help the animals.

We have a very committed group of people who help out in a variety of ways. But we need YOU! A few people can’t do it all. Adding more names and faces to our list of volunteers would mean that we could get even more accomplished. Some people spend time with the cats and the dogs. As rewarding as it is to actually spend time with the animals and get to know them, some people just don’t have the time to come to the shelter to be with the animals. So…are you able to take a couple of hours out of your busy life and join us at the ICHS Volunteer Fair?

This event is meant to be a means of getting people together that want to make a difference for the many animals that come to ICHS each year. Event organizers of past fundraisers will be present to answer any questions that you may have, but we are also looking for YOUR ideas about …well, things that we haven’t thought of yet. We look forward to meeting you at the Volunteer Fair. Please pass the word and bring a friend.

ICHS Board of Directors Notice

Notice is hereby given that current board member Rhonda Marten has announced that she will not seek another term on the ICHS board. Her term expires in March of 2010.

The ICHS Board of Directors would like to acknowledge and thank Rhonda for her service with the board since September of 2008 when she agreed to complete the term of former board member Brittany Ogden.

Rhonda has been a member of the finance committee and of great assistance in helping get the finances in order for the ICHS allowing us to move forward with efforts to settle former IRS debt as well as apply for several grants and program assistance for the shelter.

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Special Pets

We all know that all animals are ‘special’ but the animals featured in this section are indeed special. These are ‘special needs’ animals. The special person/family who adopts one of these animals knows that this may/may not be the long-term relationship which we hope for when we open our hearts and homes to a new family member. These animals’ ‘forever homes’ with us may be just for a short time before they move on…But, nevertheless, these animals need a home and a loving family just as we all do. Are you possibly the family that could provide a home for one of these animals? If not, do you know of a family who could provide a loving home for these animals? If so, please come out to ICHS and find out more about these animals from the ICHS staff.


Boyd is a 7-8 year old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard hound dog. He is a very sweet and mellow dog. He is very patient – always willing to be last when it comes to his walk or his dinner. He is a favorite with the “walkers” as he does very well on a leash. Boyd was diagnosed with heart disease last summer. He is on medication which manages his disease. He is currently not showing any signs of heart disease but we need to be realistic and realize that his life will be shortened due to the disease. So…Boyd needs a home.


Minnie is a small, pretty, calico kitty who has diabetes. She is not necessarily a lap cat but it must be noted that she has not had a lot of opportunity to be a lap cat. It is not known for sure how well she gets along with other cats. She is on a special diet so she needs to be kept away from the other cats’ food dishes which means that she doesn’t have the chance to be with the other cats. She is a young cat – probably around 2 years old and by managing her condition, she will hopefully live a long life. So…Minnie needs a home.


Lorenzo is a senior Redbone Coonhound. He has been at ICHS since mid-November and believe me, ICHS was the best thing that could have happened to this old sweetie. He probably thought that he had died and went to heaven when he came here. He was so thin when he arrived, that it hurt to look at him. He has filled out a bit and he looks so much better. Anyone who has had an older pet knows that it is always hard to watch our beloved animals slip away from us and there is so little that we can do. So…Lorenzo needs a home.


Jax is a handsome, long-haired, grey kitty who tested positive for feline leukemia. He is probably about two years old. He is quite playful and loves all the attention that he can get. Jax does not get along with other cats so he probably needs to be an ‘only’ cat, and he must be kept indoors. I can’t go into the specifics of Jax’s condition, but it can’t be ignored that he will probably have a shorter lifespan than most cats. He is in wonderful shape right now – lots of energy and a zest for life. So…Jax needs a home.

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Crossing over that bridge…

Crossing OverIt is never easy to say “goodbye” to our friends and family, but please note that your adopted pet has touched many lives. When your pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge, feel free to let us know about your loved ones passing.


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Success Stories


Jay (formerly known as Poindexter) was fostered along with Palmer about a year ago by Mary Beth, her husband and their other dogs. If you remember these two ‘brothers’, they had been at ICHS close to 3 years. Mary Beth reports, “Jay (named after Rocket J. Squirrel) is a bright spirit, practically fearless and lives to hunt for who-knows-what on their walks.” He is doing great and has settled right into their hearts and onto their couch. It is also noted that Jay has figured out the purpose of peoples’ hands – they are for petting, rubbing and stroking dogs – especially Jay. By the way, Palmer was adopted by a different family (perhaps we’ll hear from Palmer’s family). Thank you, Mary Beth, for sharing Jay’s success story.


Libby (formerly known as Olivia) was adopted by Lindsey this past October. Lindsey said that when she visited ICHS, she immediately fell in love with this shy dog. Although Libby was timid at first, her personality has really opened up and she is an absolutely wonderful companion. In regards to Libby, Lindsey states, “I don’t think I could have asked for a better match…she’s the perfect dog”. Libby loves her big backyard, but one of her favorite activities is swimming at a local doggy daycare a few times a month. Thank you, Lindsey, for sharing Libby’s success story.


Aspen lives with Gail, her husband and 7 other cats. Gail first met Aspen in July, 2006, when she started volunteering. Aspen lived in the ‘community room’ with 30 other cats. Aspen appeared to be unhappy and wasn’t fond of her many roommates. Gail didn’t take Aspen home until June of 2008. She immediately ‘bonded’ with shelter alumna, Alice, adopted in 2001, but she also gets along well with the 6 other cats. If you remember Aspen, she had a scarred nose which has turned out to be skin cancer. The vet feels Aspen is probably 16 years old and may not have much longer, but right now she is “thriving, happy, bright and Gail’s success story.” Thank you, Gail, for sharing Aspen’s story.

Little Boy

Little Boy (formerly known as Willie) lives with Alecia, Joe, three- year-old Caitlyn and Little Boy’s brothers, Blizzy and Barney. Little Boy was adopted this past summer and made himself right at home. He spends time watching the birds and squirrels from inside. His brothers venture out on the enclosed screen porch, but Little Boy isn’t quite ready for that. ‘Outside’ makes him a bit nervous, but he will love the screened porch come warmer weather. Little Boy spends time curled up with Caitlyn watching TV and playing ‘school’ and ‘kitchen’ with her. He also sings to Caitlyn – loudly! Thank you, Alecia and Caitlyn, for sharing Little Boy’s story.


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